VoiceTube 2020-03-19 Pronunciation Challenge

This is the notes for VoiceTube everyday pronunciation challenge.

Reference VoiceTube:https://tw.voicetube.com/everyday/20200319

Reference Video:

WIZ KHALIFA (FEAT. CHARLIE PUTH) - See You Again 當我們再相見 (華納official 高畫質 HD 官方完整版MV)

Talking to you about another path. I know we loved to hit the road and laugh. But something told me that it wouldn’t last. Had to switch up, look at things different see the bigger picture.



  1. path



    The path with yellow bricks will lead you to The Great Wizard of Oz.

    The only path to success is hard work.

  2. hit the road 離開,出發

    Gather your things, kids. It’s time to hit the road.

    You heard her She’s not interesting in you. Hit the road.

  3. last


    Remember the effect of this image inducer only lasts about two hours. Be sure to get back to the lab before the time limit.


    The last person who leaves the house should lock the door.


    She got a D- in biology last semester. This semester her goal is to get at least a B+.

  4. switch


    The twins switch and take turns going to class all the time without the teacher noticing.


    She fell asleep on the couch with a TV still on when I got home so I switched it off for her.


    The switch on this wall was completely useless. We have no idea why it is there.