VoiceTube 2020-03-15 Pronunciation Challenge

This is the notes for VoiceTube everyday pronunciation challenge.

Reference VoiceTube:https://tw.voicetube.com/everyday/20200315

Reference Video:

6 ways to improve your relationship with money | The Way We Work, a TED series

When you think about money and your dreams and you’re looking at your account, you’re like, “My bank account does not align with my dreams.”



  1. account 帳戶,戶口

    Every time I reach the end of the month, I barely have enough money in my account.

    I just deposited five thousand dollars into my account.

  2. bank 銀行

    I went to the bank to cash my check for one million dollars.

    • break the bank 東西太貴 買不起

      Our one-week travel package is perfect for those who long for a trip but don’t want to break the bank.

  3. align 成一條直線;一致

    I can not take my eyes of the beautiful spot where the sea and the sky align.

    The plan you made doesn’t align with our ultimate goal.

    • 對準、校直

      The title of the report should align with the middle of the paper.

    • the stars are align 星星排成一直線 => 極其幸運的好事發生 (天時地利人和)

      The stars most definitely align when I met you.

  4. like … 說;… 心想 (口語用法)

    When I saw the mess in my room, I was like what the heck just happened.


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