VoiceTube - 2020-04-16 Pronunciation Challenge

This is the notes for VoiceTube everyday pronunciation challenge.

Reference VoiceTube:https://tw.voicetube.com/everyday/20200416

Reference Video:

Why You’re Probably Paying For Faster Internet Speeds Than You Use | WSJ

Your router is one of many routers which make up your provider’s network.



  1. router 路由器

    I think my router isn’t working. I need to call my telecom company or telecom provider.

  2. provider 供應商

    The website has worst service in the world. I gonna call the provider and yell at them.

    supplier 供應商 (實質的東西)

  3. network 電腦網路

    The company just spent three million dollars on improving the computer network.