VoiceTube 2020-03-12 Pronunciation-Challenge

This is the notes for VoiceTube everyday pronunciation challenge.

Reference VoiceTube:https://tw.voicetube.com/everyday/20200312

Reference Video:

Everything Wrong With Windows 10 | Untangled

But most of the apps found there are just slimmed-down versions of programs you can already run on Windows.

但這裡大部分的應用程式都只是 Windows 上既有的程式,只不過是壓縮版本而已。


  1. run (使) 運轉;(使) 運作;(使) 運行;操作

    Do you know how to run this machine? I am stuck.

  2. app 應用程式 (application 的縮寫)

    不要念成 a-p-p!

    What’s your favorite app on your Mac? And what would you recommend?

  3. program (電腦) 程式;編碼指令

    What does your boyfriend do?

    He is an engineer. He writes programs.

  4. slimmed-down 變瘦的

    I think you’re really slimmed-down since last time I saw you.


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