VoiceTube - 2020-03-09 Pronunciation Challenge

This is the notes for VoiceTube everyday pronunciation challenge.

Reference VoiceTube:https://tw.voicetube.com/everyday/20200306

Reference Video:

10 Common Relationship Problems

Asking for help is good when you’re being honest about your needs, but if you need to consult your partner before making every decision, you’ll forget to be your own person.



  1. honest 誠實的、可信的

    Samantha is an honest person. I believe any single word she said.

    • in all honesty 老實說,嚴肅地,說真的

      In all honesty, I think competitor one sings way better than competitor two.

    • honestly 誠實地,正直地

      Honestly, I thought competitor one was the worst he should really practice high pitch.

  2. consult 向… 討論

    Dear Manager, I would like to consult with you about our budget in this month.

    Dear Professor X, Wolverin has a concern about his claws. He would like to consult with you about changing the material. Please reply to his email as soon as possible. Thank you. Best regard, Victoria.

    He is my consultant.

  3. partner 配偶;情人;伴侶

    I would need you and your partner’s signature in order for you to be married officially.

    • 搭檔,夥伴,同伴

      My lab partner for this experiment is sick, so I must do everything by myself.

    • 在體育運動、遊戲或舞蹈中 與(某人)合作,與(某人)成為搭檔

      Find a partner and partner up with someone that you haven’t had partnered with.


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